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WeaponFactionBasic ATKBasic DEFBasic HealthSpecClass AClass BSell Price
Assault Rifle II (Autobot)Autobot108 %104 %96 %RangedCommandSpec-Ops720
Chainsaw IIDecepticon113 %106 %100 %MeleeAssaultSpec-Ops720
Energon Blade IIAutobot112 %105 %98 %MeleeCommandSpec-Ops720
Energon Chainsaw IIAutobot109 %104 %96 %MeleeCommandSpec-Ops720
Energon Hammer IIAutobot111 %105 %97 %MeleeAssaultInfiltration720
Energon Net Gun IIAutobot109 %104 %96 %HeavyAssaultInfiltration720
Energon Pulse Cannon IIDecepticon112 %106 %99 %HeavyCommandInfiltration1,440
Energon Shock Rifle IIAutobot111 %105 %98 %RangedCommandInfiltration1,440
Flame Thrower II (Autobot)Autobot112 %105 %98 %HeavyAssaultSpec-Ops720
Flame Thrower II (Decepticon)Decepticon110 %104 %97 %HeavyCommandSpec-Ops1,440
Gatling Gun II (Autobot)Autobot113 %106 %100 %RangedCommandSpec-Ops720
Gatling Gun II (Decepticon)Decepticon112 %105 %99 %RangedAssaultInfiltration720
Hammer IIDecepticon109 %104 %97 %MeleeCommandInfiltration720
Heavy Machine Gun IIDecepticon111 %105 %98 %RangedCommandInfiltration720
Heavy Machine Gun II (Autobot)Autobot110 %104 %97 %RangedAssaultSpec-Ops720
High Powered Rifle IIDecepticon108 %104 %96 %RangedAssaultSpec-Ops720
Long Sword IIDecepticon111 %105 %98 %MeleeAssaultInfiltration720
Missile Launcher II (Autobot)Autobot110 %104 %97 %HeavyCommandSpec-Ops1,440
Missile Launcher II (Decepticon)Decepticon109 %104 %96 %HeavyAssaultInfiltration1,440
Multi-Missile Launcher II (Autobot)Autobot112 %106 %99 %HeavyCommandInfiltration720
Multi-Missile Launcher II (Decepticon)Decepticon112 %105 %98 %HeavyAssaultSpec-Ops720
Shock Rifle IIDecepticon113 %106 %100 %RangedCommandSpec-Ops720
Sniper Rifle IIDecepticon110 %104 %97 %RangedAssaultSpec-Ops720
Sniper Rifle II (Autobot)Autobot112 %105 %99 %RangedAssaultInfiltration1,440
Spinning Blade IIDecepticon112 %105 %99 %MeleeCommandSpec-Ops720
Spinning Blade II (Autobot)Autobot113 %106 %99 %MeleeAssaultSpec-Ops720
Total Number of Cards: 26
Weapon Cards

CommonUncommonRareSuper RareUltra RareEpic RareLegendary

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