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You can contact the Transformers Legends Wiki.

Affiliate requestEdit

If you would like for your wiki to becomes an affiliate of Transformers Legends Wiki, please submit your request to the Site Adminstration Board by creating a new thread. Affiliation is subjected to approval of the community. Once approved, a link to Transformers Legends Wiki must be place on the main page of your wiki.

Copyright infringementEdit

If you hold the copyright to an image and have not given Transformers Legends Wiki permission to use the image, please see Wikia's Terms of Use, "Claims of Copyright Infringement" section.


If you wish retain some form of privacy, some admins allow email being sent to them via Wikia. There is usually a link from their user profile page.

Report vandalism, spams or abuseEdit

Please contact an admin to report any activity of vandalism, spams or abuse.


If you wish to contact Wikia and not Transformers Legends Wiki, go to Contact Wikia.