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    I found out in their blog that their will be a new event type called "EVOLUTION CARDS". I Managed to find some images on that

    But I don't know when it releases or what platform between Android and IOS will release.

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    • Check it out, stage 1 Evoltution. New product new glitz but can't spell worth a crap.

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      thats the most insane money drain change they made to the game.

      think about the tier bridge.

      think how Rare it is to get 2 machting cards (R+A). 

      somtimes u can go through all 3 loops, and buy the last 3000 mibicon bridge several times ,spend 100$ and still not get a matching X10 R+A card.

      and thats when u trying to get "only" 2 matching cards...

      now u need 4 stages (multiple X2 for each stage??)...

      how many money we will be asked to throw at Mobage in order to get the macthing 4 or 8 cards to MTM 1 MAx evolution cards ????

      i have a sense this change gonna be the end of this game unless they gonna gurantee full MTM evolution card for each tier loop or somthing AND reduce the space tier bridge prices CONSIDERABLY.

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    • AND - increase the chance to get Evolution cards from MEDALS by considerable % , like 25-30% increase chance.

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    • @Anonymous IP yeah I think of that too, maybe it looks like it will absorb more cash..

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    • The one thing i'm not looking forward to is all the "scroll" and "tapping" we'll have to do to level up.  As it is, it takes me half an hour to level up one card to MTM.

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    • While this of course COULD be a huge money sink it doesn't have to.

      Mobage has a choice at this juncture. Do the above and slowly kill the game.

      They could also increase droprates of cards to compensate for the higher requirement. They could also make it possible to complete Evo cards by simply playing a lot and "grinding". Money should just get you it faster but be supplantable by time invested. They can also make each individual card cost less so players buy more cards but spend the same amount (or less per player but more players spend).

      Ball is in Mobages court. They can either do this properly and make this one of the better CCG out there, or drop it entirely and doom it.

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    • This just like a re-hash of Transcanning... they've just added more steps into it... which as you guys have said will generate more £$£ for Mobage.

      The only other thing i can think of is that it will some how add more 'life' to a card, in that they will stay in our decks longer compared to the almost constant churn with the curent events.

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    • This also will likely allow for the inevitable combiner cards to finally come to fruition!  If they do this properly without the money sink, it could be a great addition, but they MUST do this right or many who are already on the fence (like myself) will see this as just another money scheme and be done entirely.  I've cut back while on vacation in my spending both in time and money, and will find another hobby entirely if they fail with this.  

      All it takes is a week or two away and going back is not so easy when you realize how useless your deck has already become.  Then again, simply knowing this automatically makes me not a part of their currently "intended audience".  Hopefully they do the right thing and lure many back who want to play this game because overall I love the collecting element. They really need to announce trading as a thing too, and perhaps with the new card type, they will finally, if nothing else, for the current cards we have been collecting.  I still believe an episode "rerun" wouldn't be a bad idea either for those who missed out, for a lesser price since the cards aren't worth nearly as much now in terms of deck power.  

      As several have pointed out, the ball is in Mobage's court.  What they do here will either save or completely break the game once and for all.  Make the right move Mobage! (my hopes aren't very high)

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    • just checked, and what diff between stage 3 and 4, just a few more dame, health and def LOL

      2597 => 2855 => 2881 => 2884

      how many cash we have to spend to get fully "Evolved"? I think 1$ per attack dame LOL

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    • SkyMaster wrote:
      just checked, and what diff between stage 3 and 4, just a few more dame, health and def LOL

      2597 => 2855 => 2881 => 2884

      how many cash we have to spend to get fully "Evolved"? I think 1$ per attack dame LOL

      My best guess is, the cards have to maxed first in order to get ("a bit") better stats?

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    • Just a thought but with these new evo cards coming does that mean that we will get new weapons aswell?? more to the point do they upgrade aswell (joking), if so will they also be a further drain on our wages

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    • i just posted on another link called PLEASE FOR THE LOVE...... if u read that basicly how it showed work if they follow GI JOE which it looks like they are going to do have a read as cant get link to work 

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    • Actually the evolution cards apply to certain cards that are captured when you defeat a boss in the upcoming events. This has nothing to do with any of the other current cards, but it is not going to be an extreme money drainer like most of the events.

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