The Master Builders

Hoist and Grapple are working on a model of a Solar Power Tower that they want to build. Optimus approves of this concept but is fearful of being able to defend it against a Decepticon attack.

Their conversation is interrupted by news of an injured Powerglide from Teletraan One. Along with Huffer they speed off to fix their fallen Ally they are soon ambushed by the Constructicons.

Through conversation, their mutual fondness for building stops the battle from beginning.

Megatron’s faithful spy Laserbeak returns with footage of this “Truce” and is outraged. Dispatching Shockwave and Deluge he sends them with an ultimatum for their traitorous comrade Scrapper. Us or them.

The loose truce appears to be all but broken, who will come out on top in the battle of the Master Builders?


Who knows what the alliance of The Master Builders could have brought? Scrapper once again sides with the Decepticons. With the uneasy truce broken but Powerglide rescued, the Autobots part ways knowing that further conflict is never far behind.

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