Hey folks, godofcyanide here.

In the coming weeks/months, the admin team and I will be working hard to improve this site and make it what it SHOULD be - a central point for all things TFL.

To those ends:

If you see a problem with one of our Wikia pages, whether it is a broken link, missing or incorrect image, etc., and you can't or don't know how to fix it yourself, drop into the Wiki Discussion board and leave a post. Also use this board if you want to suggest improvements to the Wikia's structure. We will handle requests as we have time.

If you see a problem in the forums, whether it is blatant spam, hostile users, or any other issue, drop into the Wikia and Forum Administration board and leave a post. As this is generally my primary responsibility, I will be checking in frequently and addressing any issues. Suggestions for forum improvements can be made here as well.

We'll be updating this post frequently (now that I am aware of its existence and have provided links on the main page hahaha) with more news about the Wikia and our crew of players.


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