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Medals are rewards given at specific point of the game. This can be either when you reach the next XP level for normal gameplay or episode points tier during an Event.

Normal MedalsEdit

Medal Description

Gacha bronze TF

Bronze Warrior Medal

These are gained by achieving every non-5 divisible level (1,2,3,4,6,7,etc)

Gacha bronze weapons

Bronze Weapon Medal

These are gained by achieving every 5 divisible level (5,10,15, etc)

Gacha silver TF

Silver Warrior Medal

Gained from Silver Episode Medals after the event

Gacha gold TF

Gold Warrior Medal

Gained from Gold Episode Medals after the event

Gold Weapon Medals

Gold Weapon Medal

Gained from Gold Episode Weapon Medals after the event

Episode MedalsEdit

Medal Description

Silver Episode Medal

Silver Episode Medal

These are gained after defeating any of the first two non-level 8 bosses (5 for Participation).

Gold Episode Medal

Gold Episode Medal

These are gained after defeating any of the second two non-level 8 or any of the level 8 bosses.

Gold Episode Weapon Medal

Gold Episode Weapon Medal

These are awarded for achieving certain goals while defeating the bosses:

Co-op Victory: 2 awarded for defeating the second non-level bosses

Ruby Crystal Medal

Ruby Crystal Medal

During the Fatal Furies event only, these could be achieved by finishing in top 30. They allowed to open Space bridge with 15 Characters and one Super Rare guaranteed. 

Rubies were again re-introduced during The Thin Blue Line event. The medal can now be achieved in any type of Episode and used for 100% gaining one raid boss (Depending on how many medals are spent). Refer to Ruby Medals.

These medals can't be accumulated for future events.

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