Ghost in the Machine
Ghost in the Machine
Event Dates
Start End
October 30, 2013 November 5, 2013
Event Progression
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End of the Road The Golden Lagoon



"Ghost in the Machine"

Taking advantage of the weakened barrier between the physical world and the etherial plane, Starscream’s ghost crosses over to lead a fearsome band of Decepticons against the Autobot Headmasters. Using the electromagnetic radiation from his ghostly form, Starscream is attempting to disrupt the Autobot’s electronics to render them powerless.

Will Brainstorm and the Headmasters resist or will they lose their heads? Find out in this week’s episode; “Ghost in the Machine”


"STARSCREAM’s GHOST has been banished and his DECEPTICON minions scattered into the night!"

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Brainstorm (1) L3 10x Attack Bonus

Brainstorm (1) L2 9x Attack Bonus

Brainstorm (1) 8x Attack Bonus

Brainstorm (1) Weapon

Highbrow (1) 5x Attack Bonus

Highbrow (1) Weapon

Hardhead (1) 3x Attack Bonus

Hardhead (1) Weapon

Point Reward CardsEdit

Hardhead (1) 3x Attack Bonus

Hardhead (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Starscream's Ghost (5)

Starscream's Ghost (5) Weapon

Ratbat (3)

Ratbat (2) Weapon

Fangry (1)

Fangry (1) Weapon

Weirdwolf (1)

Weirdwolf (1) Weapon

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