The Constructicons, so named for their group job of design, engineering and construction for the Decepticon forces, are particularly notable for their status as the very first combining sub-group of Transformers, able to merge their bodies and minds together to form the gigantic Devastator.


The Constructicons formed Devastator in the comics and cartoons, as of yet it doesn't seem like they can do anything of the sort in the game: Transformer Legends.

TransformerFactionRarityBasic ATKBasic DEFBasic HealthSpecClassSell Price
Bonecrusher (1)DecepticonSuper Rare2,8975987,600RangedInfiltration
Bonecrusher (2)DecepticonSuper Rare4,83764512,544HeavyAssault4,506
Episode HookDecepticonSuper Rare4,35159611,312RangedSpec-Ops
Hook (2)DecepticonUltra Rare16,9081,48042,466RangedCommand30,426
Long HaulDecepticonUncommon3941581,300RangedSpec-Ops463
Long Haul (2)DecepticonUltra Rare14,9441,34437,584RangedCommand
Mixmaster (1)DecepticonSuper Rare3,56290412,768RangedAssault8,616
Scavenger (1)DecepticonEpic Rare30,5093,81377,968RangedSpec-Ops
Scrapper (1)DecepticonSuper Rare4,44581411,520RangedSpec-Ops8,388

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