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WeaponFactionBasic ATKBasic DEFBasic HealthSpecClass AClass BSell Price
Assault Rifle II (Decepticon)Decepticon105 %102 %93 %RangedAssaultInfiltration480
Axe I (Autobot)Autobot103 %102 %92 %MeleeCommandSpec-Ops960
Axe I (Decepticon)Decepticon106 %103 %94 %MeleeAssaultSpec-Ops480
Bazooka I (Autobot)Autobot103 %101 %92 %HeavyAssaultSpec-Ops480
Bazooka I (Decepticon)Decepticon106 %103 %94 %HeavyCommandInfiltration480
Dagger IAutobot101 %101 %91 %MeleeAssaultInfiltration480
Grenade Launcher I (Autobot)Autobot105 %102 %94 %HeavyCommandInfiltration480
Grenade Launcher I (Decepticon)Decepticon103 %102 %92 %HeavyAssaultSpec-Ops480
Handgun IDecepticon102 %101 %92 %RangedCommandInfiltration960
High Powered Rifle IAutobot104 %102 %93 %RangedAssaultInfiltration480
Knife IDecepticon104 %102 %93 %MeleeCommandSpec-Ops480
Mace I (Autobot)Autobot106 %103 %94 %MeleeAssaultSpec-Ops960
Mace I (Decepticon)Decepticon101 %101 %91 %MeleeAssaultInfiltration960
Pistol IAutobot102 %101 %91 %RangedCommandInfiltration480
Total Number of Cards: 14
Weapon Cards

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