The Combaticons are so named for their military vehicle alternate modes; and their proficiency in combat and working together as a smooth unit. The Combaticons combine to form Bruticus. He is perhaps the most successful combiner, in that he is not slow and awkward like some other combiners, and will follow commands instantly and without question, with terrifying efficiency and awesome strength.


The Combaticons formed Bruticus in the comics and cartoons, as of yet it doesn't seem like they can do anything of the sort in the game: Transformer Legends.

TransformerFactionRarityBasic ATKBasic DEFBasic HealthSpecClassSell Price
Blast OffDecepticonUncommon4221241,200HeavyCommand436
Blast Off (2)DecepticonSuper Rare5,51573712,300RangedCommand
Blast Off (3)DecepticonUltra Rare14,8481,22637,363RangedInfiltration
Brawl (1)DecepticonSuper Rare2,6685667,020RangedAssault1,440
Decepticon BrawlDecepticonUncommon3781511,250MeleeInfiltration444
Onslaught (1)DecepticonSuper Rare3,4405049,005RangedAssault
Onslaught (2)DecepticonUltra Rare10,62996026,880RangedCommand9,617
Swindle (1)DecepticonSuper Rare4,39080611,380HeavySpec-Ops
Swindle (2)DecepticonSuper Rare8,9121,90026,500RangedSpec-Ops
Vortex (1)DecepticonSuper Rare2,4908598,560MeleeInfiltration
Vortex (2)DecepticonSuper Rare4,08299212,280MeleeAssault