Hostile Takeover is the first battleground in the second Decepticon Campaign: A Bridge To Victory.

Mission Energon Reward
No. Name
1 Locate the Radio Telescope 10 Thrust (A) Onslaught (A) Divebomb (A) Cyclonus (1) (A)
2 Secure the facility by any means 10 Hook (R) Reflector (A) Divebomb (R) Ultra Magnus (1) Weapon
3 Find the communications terminal 10 Vortex (R) Razorclaw (R) Decepticon Frenzy (A) Skywarp (1) (A)
4 Start integrating Cybertronian tech 10 Decepticon Rumble (R) Venom (A) Blast Off (A) Ironhide (1) Weapon
5 Uncover Cloaked Autobots 10 Vortex (A) Kickback (A) Reflector (R) Laserbeak (1) (R)
Mirage Mirage (1) Weapon

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3: Secret Complete! 2: Alarmed and Dangerous

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